Ashlynn Shade 2024 Rebuild (1)

Led By Ashlynn Shade

Rebuild is a two week Sports Performance Program for 3rd - 8th grade to include:

  • Strength (Tuesday)

  • Flexibility/Core (Wednesday)

  • Speed/Agility (Thursday)

  • Group Total Body (Saturday)

Each Session will be led by Ashlynn Shade (University of Connecticut WBB and the 2024 Big East Freshman of the Year) and Matt Shade. Ashlynn will lead similar programs she followed 3rd-8th grade and include training strategies she has learned in college. There will also be an emphasis on nutrition and rest/recovery education.

Why is Sports Performance Important?

Creating good habits at an early age will...

  • Reduce the risk of injury

  • Increase speed

  • Increase strength

  • Increase vertical

  • Increase stamina

  • Increase mental confidence

Rebuild will take place Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday:

  • August 6th

  • August 7th

  • August 8th

  • August 10th

  • August 13th

  • August 14th

  • August 15th

  • August 17th

We will assign a 6 pm (SOLD OUT) or 7 pm slot (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) at Arbor Village Fishers. The Saturday workout will be a group workout 9 am: Location TBD (local to Hamilton County).